Vision for Religious Education

St Anthony’s Vision for Religious Education faithfully aligns itself with both the BCE Vision for Religious Education and the BCE Learning and Teaching Framework which state:

The schools and colleges of the Archdiocese of Brisbane aspire to educate and form students who are challenged to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and who are literate in the Catholic and broader Christian tradition so that they might participate critically and authentically in faith contexts and wider society. (Vision for Religious Education 2013)

As a Catholic Christian community we educate all to live the gospel of Jesus Christ as successful, creative and confident, active and informed learners empowered to shape and enrich our world. (Learning and Teaching Framework 2012

The Vision for Religious Education challenges students to be a religious voice in the world. The Vision gives greater prominence and a renewed orientation to the critical interpretation and evaluation of culture. Through vibrant and engaging Religious Education, students become active constructors of culture rather than passive consumers.

St Anthony’s Vision for Religious Education

At St Anthony’s we are a Catholic Faith Community that is challenged to authentically live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the tradition of St Francis. We strive to educate our students to become active, literate and informed learners who are empowered to contribute and make a difference to the community in which they live. We use the example of St Francis to empower us to live out the gospel values of Jesus. We recognise that our Franciscan values of Respect, Reverencing Creation, Contemplation, Shared Responsibility and Joy guide all that we do and underpin our Vision and Mission for our school.

St Anthony’s School Motto, Vision and Mission


Deus Meus Et Omnia “My God My All”

At St Anthony’s, we place God, and the example of Jesus, at the forefront of all we do. Our school motto has shaped our past and continues to inform our future as we journey together as followers of Christ.


At St Anthony’s, we are a school steeped in the valuing of relationships and all that it means to be a follower of Christ.


St Anthony’s is a faith community where gospel values are central to the life-force and functioning of this Franciscan school.

Our Five Franciscan Values


We value and respect each person’s uniqueness.

Shared Responsibility

Collectively we share the responsibility for the development of each member of our school family.

Reverencing Creation

We give praise and are thankful that all things are gifts from God.


We are reflective people who understand that life-giving growth comes from saying sorry and accepting forgiveness.


We embrace a joyful, fun attitude that is forever grateful for God’s gifts.