Organisation of the Religious Education Curriculum

Time Allocation for the Teaching of Religion

St Anthony’s allocates a minimum of 2.5 hours per week of religion teaching.  This equates to 92 – 100 hours per year, based on 37 – 40 available teaching weeks per year. In addition to this time is made to engage in Prayer, Liturgies, Parish Masses, Franciscan Five, and Ubuntu. These and other religious practices are not included in the provision for the teaching of Religion.

Accreditation Requirements and Professional Learning

All classroom teachers of Religion at St Anthony’s currently meet the accreditation requirements to teach Religion in a Catholic School. Regular and ongoing professional learning in Religious Education is timetabled each year to ensure that teachers remain current in their knowledge and practice. This includes intra school and interschool moderation through processes such as CTJ day, staff professional development days at the beginning of the school year, dedicated staff meetings in Religious Education and BCE professional development opportunities.

Collaborative Planning

St Anthony’s uses a collaborative planning model. Teachers are provided with release time each term to work with the CST and APRE on units of work to ensure that every students curriculum entitlement is being met. Teachers also schedule weekly team meetings where a range of topics are discussed and planning undertaking in Religion and other subject areas.