​Consistency of Teacher Judgment in Reporting

The use of Australian Curriculum achievement standards as a common reference point for reporting to parents should contribute to national consistency in reporting. To support consistency of teacher judgement, teachers engage in moderation discussions with colleagues over the year in order to confirm their judgements about students’ achievements against the achievement standard.

Twice Yearly Reporting – the written report

The purpose of twice yearly reporting is to provide parents/caregivers and students with a summary overview of achievement and progress for the current reporting period. This report summarises evidence of student learning about how the student is achieving, provides feedback about the quality of this achievement and provides direction about where to next.

Reporting involves a professional judgement made on a body of evidence about a student’s progress and achievement against the curriculum. These judgements are made against the achievement standards of the Australian Curriculum when reporting on those learning areas that have been published. 

This report uses a Commonwealth Government mandated A-E reporting framework. Student achievement at St Anthony’s School is described using this 5 point scale:

  • Well below expected standard   
  • Below expected standard   
  • At expected standard 
  • Above expected standard  
  • Well above expected standard

Reporting Student Progress Throughout the Year

Reporting is a process, not simply a report card. No single method, such as a twice yearly written report, can be left to carry the whole burden of reporting student progress each year. At St Anthony's School, we believe the most effective reporting occurs when various approaches are used throughout the year. Parents are also encouraged to contact their child’s teacher at any time throughout the year to discuss their child’s learning at a time convenient to teachers and parents.

The following is an overview of the reporting process that is currently used at St Anthony's School.

Term 1

  • Years 1 - 6 Parent/Teacher Welcome Evening (early in term)
  • Parent/Teacher interviewed offered - Offered through Parent Teacher Online (PTO)
  • Class newsletters – May be sent home throughout the term

Term 2

  • Class newsletters – May be sent home throughout the term
  • Parent/Teacher interview - Offered through Parent Teacher Online (PTO)
  • Years P - 6 formal written report – End of term

Term 3

  • Class newsletters – May be sent home throughout the term
  • Parent/Teacher interview – offered as required​
  • Year 3 / 5  NAPLAN student report to be forwarded home – mid-term when released by ACARA.

Term 4

  • Class newsletters – May be sent home throughout the term.
  • Parent/Teacher interview – Offered as required
  • Years P - 6 formal written report  – End of term
  • Prep Parent Information Evening for Prep the following year