Pastoral Care Program

 Pastoral Care Program

St Anthony’s School is a faith community in the Franciscan tradition. The Aim of the Pastoral Care Parent Group is to contribute to building a school community in conjunction with the values of St Anthony’s School. 

Each class has a Pastoral Care Contact Person who works with the school’s leadership team and class teachers to: 

o   Be welcoming and hospitable 

o   Coordinate a caring class response in times of family need e.g. send a card or flowers, or meals, or arrange transport to/from school, or babysitting 

o   Support the initiatives of the P&F Association

o   Welcome new fami​lies during the year


o   Ensure that all Pastoral Care activities have the informed consent of the School Leadership Team 

o   Attend a Pastoral Care Contact Group meeting once a term

The caring response of our whole community, as part of our Pastoral Care Parent Program, is a powerful example of Jesus walking this earth today, His ministry continuing through the hearts, hands and feet of all who respond with compassion.

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