​Learners and the Curriculum   

​The nature of learners and the curriculum is described in each learning area and subject of the Australian Curriculum:

·       English

·       History

·       Mathematics

·       Science

·       Geography

·       The Arts

·       Technologies

·       Health and Physical Education

School Curriculum Planning

The school’s curriculum is planned directly from Archdiocese of Brisbane Religious Education Guidelines and Australian Curriculum.

The school's curriculum is organised across all levels of curriculum planning to reflect opportunity, inclusivity and flexibility for all students.

Whole school planning identifies and articulates:

·       how the Australian curriculum areas are to be taught;

·       how entitlement to learning is ensured and how flexibility in offerings meet the needs 

        and aspirations of the community

·       how the school’s curriculum is organised and structured to enable the best outcomes 

        for all students

·       the principles that guide the development of curriculum, courses, subjects 

        and plans within and across learning areas

·       how entitlement is met and students have the time needed to achieve agreed 

        standards through time allocations that are made within stated guidelines

Year level planning identifies and articulates:

·       continuity between year levels, building on where students’ learning is situated and 

        leading onto where the students are heading in their learning

·       the organisation of curriculum across the year connecting learning areas, contexts, 

        curriculum intent and content

·       the global and local contexts and student interests that will be used as  

        organisers across the year to engage students in learning

Class and student planning identifies and articulates:

·       ​ the curriculum applicable to the year level in relevant contexts

·       how curriculum outlined in year level planning is organised into class planning, 

        routines and practices

·       how available time is used to ensure learning success for each student

The Australian Curriculum website can be accessed here.

The full Brisbane Catholic Education Religion Curriculum can be accessed here.