Pastoral Board

The purpose of the Pastoral School Board is to involve the local community in the "big picture" of school planning and to assist in setting direction for the school. The board is ‘pastoral’ by nature as it is concerned with nurturing the dignity and self worth of people, building life giving relationships and the wholistic educational welfare of the students. School boards within the Catholic education system do not follow a business/management model.


The Pastoral School Board has a range of responsibilities:

  • Developing (when required) a Vision and Mission Statement, based on Gospel values, in consultation with the school community, that sets direction for the school
  • Developing What to Do policies in consultation with the school community. (Procedures are determined by the Principal and staff)
  • Overseeing planning and building and the school's budget
  • Acting as a sounding board for the Principal to discuss issues outside the Board’s defined area of responsibility
  • Providing input to Brisbane Catholic Education on a range of issues (e.g., enrolment policies)


The Pastoral School Board’s operations are guided by a Constitution and Commentary. This document provides both the legal and pastoral framework for a Board’s conduct.